I’m fortunate with my work through the year I visit farmers on a daily basis and in both hemispheres.
Every country I visit has its own unique  challenges, as farmers we embrace and adapt to never ending changes.
I get to visit a number of our clients who have embraced such change but occasionally you meet one that stands out.

Ed & Rhian Bray from Lincolnshire are just that, Ed from a small family farm (his father still farms the family farm) & Rhianna who had no connection to farming, decided there pathway to farming was through sheep & rented land.

Ed started farming a few years about 2010 which was when he purchased his first Romney Tups from Locksfarm.
He secured what ever grazing he could get & learnt to shear aswell going out shearing in addition to shearing his own sheep to supplement income.

As more land became available they have purchased & retained as many ewe lambs as needed, today the flock totals 1500 ewes & 400 ewe lambs to join in 2023.

Over this time they have purchased & rent out 2 houses over & above the original family homestead which they rent off their family.

It’s great to see that sheer hard work & determination makes it still possible to succeed in farming even if you’re starting from scratch.

It’s so important that family farming & the role it plays in food production is congratulated & encouraged, it remains the lifeblood of our rural communities.

Ed & Rhianna & there 3 children are a great team & the Hodgkins family feel fortunate to be the genetics providers to this growing family business.

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