Following some pretty awful Autumn weather and the fact that we had new imported rams coming straight off a flight from NZ and in with ewes out of season, it’s fair to say we had been a bit apprehensive about scanning. But we needn’t have worried, the rams did their job and the ewes have held their condition really well and predominantly tupped on permanent pasture with an average of 1.84% over 2,549 ewes. This is circa 5% higher than our average and would have been even higher, had it not been for the 2 groups of sheep at Cissbury Hill, which had 4 dog attacks in 2 weeks over Christmas, killing and injuring a number of ewes, with subsequent abortions, which led to over half our empties coming from these two groups.  However, with this said we really can’t grumble at the results and look forward to ewe lamb scanning in the coming weeks.

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