It’s been a tough Spring for everyone and the Wettest and coldest it’s been in March/April for some time. The weather and lack of Spring growth has really tested the sheep. But as always, the sheep have surprised us and come out of it very well, with ewes picking out the driest areas they can and with lambs having good vigour to get up and drink even when being born into standing water sometimes. We have spoken to clients up and down the country and it’s been a gritty one for many, but with the ewe lambs almost finished now the weather looks to be improving so lambs can finally get some sunshine on their backs!

2 weeks before lambing

Moving ewes to saturated lambing paddocks

Recording new born lambs

Whilst 4 is not ideal, this girl did well to push them all out on her own in the rain!

Ewe lamb with her lambs

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