Long time Romney farmer Gordon Wyeth has been purchasing his New Zealand  genetics from the Hodgkins family from Locks Farm in West Sussex for over 13 years & has consistently purchased Rams with the traits that have the biggest drivers for his business, number of lambs weaned & growth rates.
This has enabled him to build a business model on largely rented ground and some contract farming that today runs 13,000 Romney ewes plus another 2000 mated Romney Hoggets.
All sheep are lambed outside in what would be as close a system as where these sheep have derived from……New Zealand hill country.
Shearlings through to mixed aged ewes this year scanned an impressive 180.5% overall, with a mob of 1000 ewes doing 230%!
Gordon likes the NZ Romney’s for their adaptability and following one of the driest seasons on record still have the ability to scan at these levels.
Such is Gordon’s reputation a large part of his business model includes selling around 2000 surplus ewe lambs & 1000 Shearlings annually, Gordon’s sheep have leap frogged a number of UK farmers out of lambing indoors to successful outdoor low cost systems.
Gordon has Shearlings & Ewe lambs available this year as normal, enquires can be made directly or with Pierre.

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