You may have noticed that we have adopted a new name for the sheep breeding side
of our business.

‘Locks’ was chosen because it has been our home farm since 1982, a name that everybody knows,
and the operating base for our ram selling. Our email address remains the same.

The reason for the change is to reflect the developing business model. For those of you who may not
be aware, in 2020 we decided that after 13 years of using exclusively Wairere NZ genetics, we felt
that we needed to become independent and to take advantage of the opportunity to dovetail top
genetics from different top NZ flocks that complement and enhance traits we would like to fast track
within our flock. An example being the 2020 import from NZ, which in addition to the Wairere NZ
rams also contained 2 of the best rams on SIL for FEC. By using these rams, we are speeding up our
already well-established worm resistant breeding programme, whilst not undermining the excellent
Wairere based core structure of the flock. Not being exclusively Wairere has give us the ability to
cherry pick top NZ breeders best blood lines.

The name change also encompasses the fact that our youngest son Andy, Laura and family have
come back to the home farm (Locks) to take over the day-to-day management allowing Caroline and
I to have an easier time now that I am in my seventies.

This does not mean that you cannot contact me as we will still be very involved.

Everything else remains the same, our ram sale will be in August, Pierre will be coordinating ram
sales. He will be happy to visit you on your farm to discuss your requirements (he has a vast
knowledge of southern hemisphere farming).

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